Daniela Safieva, Rose Chen, Reporters

At the December concert, The Slater Choirs performed a variety of songs and put attendees in a festive mood for the upcoming holiday break! The concert was a huge success, showcasing the hard work and dedication of the choir members.

BRINGING JOY TO THE WORLD! The concert choir kicks off the show with a heartwarming song that put the audience jolly mood.
HOLIDAY SPIRIT! The duo Anthony Diabo and Nicholas Janneck perform their solos during the concert.
DA-DUM-DA-DUM! Senior Elizabeth Rutt creates the beat for the choir concert.
OUTSTANDING!! Marianna Mancuso hands flowers to Mr. Di Minico to congratulate him for a nicely done job for putting on the concert.
ROCK N ROLL! Junior Ryan Ramsey adds some spice to the concert with an impressive solo with an electric guitar.