Daniela Safieva, Reporter

Sincere, gregarious, and loving senior Hannah Confalone, who has a passion for music and performance, will be attending Mansfield University. Throughout her high school career, Confalone has been involved in marching band, Slater Chorale, jazz band, pit orchestra and more! She has made the Slater community proud with her boldness and willpower to succeed.

What are your favorite classes? 

My favorite classes would have to be music theory, Slater Chorale, and symphonic band. I have music theory first block and I love challenging myself first thing in the morning and being able to work through the problems with my friends. Being in Slater Chorale has allowed me to expand my knowledge about the different ways that people and cultures express themselves through singing. We are currently singing a piece called “fire” and it’s so beautiful and really fun to sing. Band is my last class of the day. I really like playing pretty, lyrical pieces, and marches. Marches to me are really exciting and get my blood flowing. Pretty, lyrical pieces calm me, and put me in a really good mood.

What do you hope to study? 

I am committed to Mansfield University! I am going in undecided with the schedule of a regular music major because I know that I wish to go into music. Personally, I am still trying to figure out if I would like to be a performance major, or an education major. I have to figure out whether I would like to focus on singing or playing my trumpet as well.

Describe, in detail, your ideal life 10 years from now.

10 years from now I see myself living in a cottage in the middle of the woods with 2 cats, a garden, and either commuting to the city as a performer, or teaching children how awesome music can be!

What is your best high school memory?

My best high school memory would have to be when I found out I made All State Choir. I have had this goal since my freshman year, and it was the best feeling in the world when I saw my name on the list saying that I would be moving on to states.

Which band could play the soundtrack to your high school career?

I feel like the band that could play the soundtrack to my high school career would have to be Cavetown. Robbie Skinner started writing his music when he was really young, and I have been listening to their music since I was in DeFranco. I feel that I’ve grown with his style of music.

If there were a movie made about your high school days, what would be the title and which actor would play your part?

The movie would be called, “The Craziness” and I would have teenage Winona Ryder play my part. I feel like high school was a jumble of craziness for me, and it still kind of is, but sadly it’s almost over. Although it was crazy, I would have the movie showcase all of the happy moments as well.

Which event/events will you miss the most?

I will miss marching band the most. Every year I would be so excited for the season to start. I was excited to meet the incoming freshman and see all of my friends! Throughout the season I create so many memories that I will forever cherish. Even when times were rough, I would always have friends that would push me through the seasons.

Who is your biggest mentor?

My biggest mentors would have to be Mr. Di Minico, and Mr. Horne. They have both helped me through my toughest battles and have guided me on the correct path in life. They have shown me that it’s okay to have a rough day as long as you persevere through it and come back stronger the next day. They have taught me how to be an independent musician that can do anything as long as I put the work in.

What is your favorite quote to live by?

“Practice makes permanent.” When I was in middle school Mrs. Davidson would constantly say this to us, and it is 100% true. If you’re practicing something the wrong way, it’ll stay that way and won’t get better at all. I’ve learned to ask for help that way whatever I’m practicing isn’t wrong.

Who will you remember most in Bangor?

I will definitely never forget Jalil Ward. He is a spunky and kind human, makes everyone happy, and he’s always there if you need him. He is incredibly talented, and I cannot wait to see what he does in the future.

What activities have you done throughout your high school career?

Marching band, musical, pit orchestra, pep band, Slater Chorale, jazz band, symphonic band, concert band, treble choir, and GSA. I was involved with Class Cabinet and was on our slater softball team in the past.

Which of these activities is your favorite?

I feel anything music related is my favorite. It’s gotten me through some difficult moments throughout my high school career, and it’s been a part of all of my favorite moments in high school. I’ve been involved in PMEA districts, regions, and All State Choir, as well as County Chorus, and County Band. Later in May I will be performing in the opening and closing number in the Freddy awards, and I am beyond excited!