Daniela Safieva, Reporter

Caring and friendly senior Leah LaBar plans to attend East Stroudsburg University to become a special education teacher because she loves help connect with students. She has been part of cheer, track, choir, and student government. Her positive and generous personality will bring only good things to the world!

What are your favorite classes? 

My favorite classes are choir and physical education helper. I love choir because I love singing and the energy everyone has is amazing. I love physical education helper because I really love connecting with the students and help them prepare for Special Olympics.

Describe, in detail, your ideal life 10 years from now.

I plan on being a teacher at a school that I love, hopefully with a small family, and living in an area that fits mine and my family’s needs.

What is your best high school memory?

My best high school memory would probably be my freshman year choir trip to New York to see a Broadway show. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and then saw “Mean Girls” on Broadway.
It was an amazing experience.

Which band could play the soundtrack to your high school career?

I would choose Flyleaf. They have different vibe songs but they’re all good and I feel like they relate to my high school career.

If there were a movie made about your high school days, what would be the title and which actor would play your part?

“Keep Trying,” I would have Sabrina Carpenter because she looks a little like me and I think she could play my part.

Which event/events will you miss the most?

I will miss the football games and other sport event. I will also miss the connections I had with some people.

Who is your biggest mentor?

Mine is Mr. Hachtman. He is my homeroom teacher and every day I walk in he asks how I’m doing and he’s usually the only one who does so it makes me happy.

What is your favorite quote to live by?

Just do it. You may regret some things, but you learn from every experience, and it allows you to grow as a person.

Who will you remember most in Bangor?

Emma Schwartz. She is the only one who kept me sane my whole senior year.

What did you enjoy most about being a wrestling manager?

Wrestling manager has been my favorite because we all got very close, and it felt like a family. I only did it during my senior year and I regret not doing it earlier!