Daniela Safieva, Reporter

Resourceful, adventurous, and thoughtful senior Madison Damiecki is going to University of North Florida to major in special education. Cross country holds a special place in Damiecki’s heart, and she will miss everything about it when she graduates.

What are your favorite classes? 

My favorite class is Global Studies. I enjoy learning about U.S history and having Mrs. Gee as a teacher.

Describe, in detail, your ideal life 10 years from now.

I would love to be teaching in Florida and have a house near the beach. I would also love to have a loving family and lots of dogs.

What is your best high school memory?

My favorite memory in high school has to be the late-night football games. I love the cool air and hearing the band play.

Which band could play the soundtrack to your high school career?

It would have to be “Life Changes” by Thomas Rhett because every day is different and plans or life can change at any moment.

If there were a movie made about your high school days, what would be the title and which actor would play your part?

If I had a movie about my high school life the title would be “From the Start to the end” and Jennifer Aniston would play my part.

Which event/events will you miss the most?

My cross country meets because I love my teammates and will miss cheering them on.

Who is your biggest mentor?

My biggest mentor will have to be my cross-country coach, Mr. Hartzell, because I always knew he would be right by my side and always had my back.

What is your favorite quote to live by?

My favorite quote is “What doesn’t kill you make your stronger” by Kelly Clarkson because It is so true, and you will become stronger.

Who will you remember most in Bangor?

I will miss all my teachers but mainly Mrs. Gee and my friends Bryanah Corona, Carmen wright, Sam Atkinson, my sister- Abigail Damiecki and Anthony Jetter. Over the past two years they had made my high school experience fun and made me feel welcomed.
What activities have you done throughout your high school career?

I have done cross country. I ran in the varsity races and the reason. It matters a lot to me is because the feeling at the end when you are done and feel bad but good.