Cecilia O'Brien, Editor in Chief

Insightful senior Alexa Cinelli plans to study psychology and neuroscience at Muhlenberg College. Cinelli has expressed her love for the Slater nation through her commitment to being drum major in the marching band and a member of many other school organizations.

What are your favorite classes? 

My favorite classes are definitely between my English classes. Every year, my English classes have been different, whether I had the same teacher, or not. I not only learned about what was in the textbook or on the tests, but I also learned about real life experiences and got to explore worlds I could only dream of. My whole life I have loved reading and writing. These classes allowed me to explore my creative side, hoping something amazing would come from it. Also, I loved writing papers that were really long to see if my teachers would allow me to submit them.

What are your plans after high school?

I hope to eventually end up in a career of neuropsychology, which is hard, but I am willing to work for it. As I got older, I realized how bad mental illness truly is, and if there is a way that I can help possibly figure out how to help those people, then I want to do everything I can.

Describe your ideal life 10 years from now.

In ten years from now, my plan is to be finishing college with my PhD and interning at a place where I can begin working. I hope to be traveling in my spare time, whether it is around the world, studying abroad, or just going to different states. Hopefully I will be ready to find someone to settle down with and have a family eventually.

What is your best high school memory?

My best high school memory is from this year at the marching band championships. Two weeks prior to this we broke the school record for highest score in our marching band competition history. As a band we went into championships hoping to be higher than fifth place, around where we normally are. Not only did we get second place, but we beat the record we set. Getting to stand on that field and accept the plaque was one of the best feelings in the world.

Which band could play the soundtrack to your high school career?

The band that would play the soundtrack to my high school career is Panic! at the Disco. My main reason I say this is that like me throughout high school, their music has changed a lot. Somewhere in their music I could pick out a few songs that could describe my years at Bangor. Plus, my alarm song is High Hopes because I got so annoyed by the song that no matter what time it is I wake up just to stop the song.

If there were a movie made about your high school days, what would be the title and which actor would play your part?

If there were a movie about my high school days, it would be called “Fresh Start” and I would want Melissa McCarthy to play me. I would like to think that I am funny, so if Melissa played me, I knew my humor would be done correctly. “Fresh Start” would be the title because all of high school, up until this point, I hoped for a fresh start.

Which events will you miss the most from high school?

The event I will miss the most from high school is the rivalry week, but, specifically, the bonfire. No matter what, I feel like the whole school comes together in a week of celebration of the legacy of these football games. The reason that I specify the bonfire is because it is really just a big party where people hang out and have fun. A lot of people say they don’t like Bangor, and at the bonfire, even they have fun.

Who is your biggest mentor?

My biggest mentor throughout high school had to be Mr. Horne. I have had many issues throughout my high school career and one teacher I could talk to about my problems was him. Not only was he there for me to talk to, but he gave me many leadership roles and opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. Mr. Horne has definitely been my biggest mentor.

What is your favorite quote to live by?

My favorite quote to live by is, “We didn’t know we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.” No one ever thinks about making memories, so if we take our days as they come and live our lives to the fullest, we will make memories to last a lifetime.

Who will you remember most in Bangor?

The person I will remember most in Bangor is 100% Olivia Laclair. Since we met in fifth grade, we were best friends and rivals (not really but we competed a lot). I got to spend my best moments with her, and we got to spend some of our worst times together. Getting to experience everything with Liv really brought us close, and I will never forget the bond we formed. She will always be one of my closest friends and I will always support her no matter what.

What activities have you done throughout your high school career?

I am in SGA, NHS, Ecology Club, class cabinet (when it still existed), marching band, pep band, jazz band, treble choir, and musical.  My favorite out of all of the activities I have done has to be marching band. Junior year, I was a librarian and the treasurer, while my senior year I was the drum major, president, along with the clarinet section leader. It was a lot of work, but in the end, we accomplished so much and every minute was worth it…something I have never felt with another activity. Marching band mattered to me the most because it gave me so many opportunities that you cannot find many other places. The most important thing is that it gave me a family. Whether I was just a member, like my freshman year, or the drum major, if I was having a bad day, I could go to rehearsal, and someone would be there to make me smile. I also had the opportunity to experience true leadership, which is an important skill I can carry throughout life. I have never been more grateful for an activity.