How to avoid this year’s tears at Sadie’s

Issue 4, Volume 53


Meagan Hoffman, Editor


As the month of February approaches, couple’s hearts fill with love and excitement for the Sadie Hawkin’s dance (February 18th). The Valentine’s Day themed dance is always a blast with pink and red decorations everywhere. Although the evening always seems to bring laughter and romance, there are always a few people who end the night in tears. If heartbreak is inevitable at this year’s dance, there are specific tools to bring with you to the dance in order to still keep your look together.

Take pictures before getting there

If you score the hottest date around, but they turn out to be worse than you expected, make sure you take some flawless pictures before they get a chance to leave you at the door. This way, if your friends do not believe you that you got to walk into the dance with the most gorgeous date around, you have amazing pictures to prove them wrong. Therefore, even if they do leave you, do not cry because you can go hang out with your friends and still show them all you showed up with a hottie.

Wear heels

Everyone’s date is not going to be the perfect dream-date that the lucky gal scores in the movies. If your date decides to dance with their friends and ignore you the whole night, do not shed one tear. If you are wearing some pointy little heels, you can dance your way into the crowd and “accidentally” keep stepping on your date’s nice leather shoes. Not only will this add a little sting to his mistake of leaving you, but when the lights come on all he will notice is the shoeprints all over his brand new loafers. Heels can also make you feel taller and empowered, showing your date that you will always be better than they are. This will not only boost your confidence, but crush his at the same time.

Bring a whole box of tissues

If your date decides to dance with your worst enemy, do not fret. If you bring a whole box of tissues, you can use them to carefully wipe the tears away without smudging your eyeliner. When the garbage can is full from your wet tissues, get yourself together and go kill it on the dance floor to show them what they are missing. Since you brought the whole box of Puffs, use the box to throw at your ex-date’s head to knock some sense into them. When you feel satisfied with your revenge, be sure to eat some heart-shaped candies and show off your best dance moves.

Best crying corners

If all else fails and the tears inevitably fall, the school is filled with the perfect crying corners to hide your embarrassment. The elevator is the prime crying spot since the large metal doors act as mirrors so you can fix your makeup and realize how ridiculous you look for crying over a dumb date. If the elevator is taken, under a table is also a valuable option. This way, no one can really see you, but if they do at least they will be more focused on the why there is a person under the table and not why you are crying. The giant speakers by the DJ is another great option. This way, you can open up and let the banging music take you away as the tears just stream down your face in a torrential downpour. Do not worry about what the DJ will think, he probably did the same thing at his high school dances.