Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

The Lady Slater basketball team (11-5), coached by head coach Bill Bisci and captained by seniors Brooke Baker and Nicky Smith, time after time, proved themselves on the court and became the team to watch all season long. 

INTENSITY! Senior superstar Madison Kluska prepares to launch the ball into the hoop. Kluska proved herself a force to be with on the court and will now trade her Slaters jersey to play Division II basketball for the Mansfield Mountaineers.
DODGE AND SPIN! Junior Mac Karner swiftly dribbles and dodges around the swarm of Redhawks surrounding her. Karner never fails to impress with her sharp footwork and ability to maneuver around opponents when it matters most.
PEACE AND VICTORY! Senior captain Nicky Smith flashes both a winning smile and good luck peace sign before hitting the court. With her raw athletic talents and love for her teammates, Smith was the perfect candidate to lead the Lady Slaters.
DRIBBLE, DRIBBLE, SHOOT! Senior Emma Stout speed dribbles her way across the court in search of the net. Stout’s unwavering dedication and love for the game made her the perfect addition to the starting lineup! (Eagle Art Photo)
BLOCK IT UP! Sophomore sensation Madeline Stout with the help of junior Emily Ohland and sophomore Brynn Holland zone in on the Red Hawks of Becahi to trap the ball and gain possession. The Lady Slaters continually wowed with their battle-tested presence on the court and ability to work as a single unit.