Cecilia O'Brien, Reporter, Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

Slater boys tennis, led by seniors Gavin Andreeko, Dylan Beleno, Morad Cholakov, Jack Crane, David Devine, Evan Finkbeiner, Connor Ljungquist, Nick McCoy, Gus O’Rourke, Jhonny Rojas, and head coach Justine Andrews, began their season eager to win. They started off strong with a five-match winning streak and continued to practice hard with intentions of furthering their successes.

ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL! The boys tennis team gathers to demonstrate their team spirit and excitement for the match. First singles captain Gavin Andreeko led the cheer, motivating the team with his words of encouragement and inspiration.
SOARING TO THE TOP! Bounding through the air towards the ball, senior Jhonny Rojas executes a perfect forehand, allowing him to return the serve to his opponent. Rojas has played tennis since sophomore year and has worked tirelessly for his spot as varsity second doubles.
REACH! Senior captain Gavin Andreeko lunges for the ball moments before it touches the ground, earning him the point and a feeling of accomplishment. Andreeko has played tennis since he was a child, obtaining him the first spot in the varsity lineup through his many years of dedication and perseverance.
SERVING UP SUCCESS Sophomore Jonathan Frank prepares to spike the ball on the opposing team with his breathtaking serves. Frank impressed everyone this year when he placed 3rd on the lineup as a sophomore because of his determination and sportsmanship demonstrated in the game.
WHATEVER IT TAKES Senior Dylan Beleno zeros in on the ball as he prepares to backhand the ball to the opposing player. As a result of his quick-thinking and endurance, Beleno landed the position of second singles on varsity.