Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

Slater boys soccer (5-6), led by head coach David White and captained by Matt Frangos and Gabe Lawler, pushed through a season of ups and downs proving their grit and love for the game.  

HEADS UP! Senior Dom Martocci jumps to new heights and head bumps the soccer ball launching it across the field. Martocci is an asset to the Slaters with his years of varsity experience, impressive skill, and ability to always keep his head in the game
LAWLER LEADS THE PACK! Senior captain Gabe Lawler aggressively sprints to the ball and claims possession for the Slaters. Lawler made Slater history this past season and scored a total of eight goals against Palmerton, breaking the record for the most goals scored in a single game.
FANCY FOOTWORK! Junior Alex Klaver smoothly dodges his Notre Dame opponent and makes his way toward the goal. Klaver continues to impress with his outstanding work ethic and commitment to bettering himself for the sake of his team.


SLATER STRONG! Slater defense regroups to the next play and prepares to bounce back even stronger. The Slaters move as a unit throughout the field ensuring that everyone plays with both an offensive and defensive mindset. (Rob Merchant)
READY FOR IT! Junior goalie Justin Pascoe quickly reacts and deflects the multitude of shots taken against him on goal. Many believe an aggressive offense to be the most important component to winning games, but having a resilient defense is equally as crucial.