Tommy Devine scored in the 1-0 victory against Stroudburg.

Sara Phillips, Editor

 Bangor boys soccer slide tackled a rebuilding season with assistance from new head coach Matt Wehr. 

Though the Slaters ended with a record of 3-10-1, the season was beneficial as the players overcame setbacks and learned from mistakes. 

“Our record may not reflect it well, but we did work hard and that counts for something,” junior, outside midfielder Dan Ferguson said. 

Through the many hardships, the boys always kept their heads up and treated each game as a clean slate.

“No matter what point we were at in the season or who we were playing, we didn’t give up and that is something to look back on and be proud of,” junior, center midfielder Caleb Koresh said. 

Senior captains Jacob Almanzar (center midfielder), Andre Baadsvik (center back), and Chris Giani (center back), kept the atmosphere positive by re-boosting the morale after each game in order to make the best of their senior year. 

“I kept it lighthearted by hosting team sing alongs to songs by Jake Paul, because as the king himself says, ‘it’s everyday bro’,” Almanzar said. 

The team’s hard work was best executed in the game against Stroudsburg, where they brought home a 1-0 victory thanks to a goal from outside backer Tommy Devine.  

“The win against Stroudsburg was the highlight of our season because last year they beat us 8-0, so to turn it around and win this year was a great accomplishment for the team,” Baadsvik said.  

Goalie Nicholas Mazzella took on the role of captain as a junior and is using this season as a lesson to improve the team next year.

“In order to have a more successful season next year, preparation has to begin now,” Mazzella said. “We need to work harder in the off-season and get on the same page in terms of what the plan is to be successful.”  

Being a new addition to the Bangor boys’ soccer coaching staff, Wehr also took this as a time for growing and learning. 

“I learned that we are not quite good enough yet in all phases of the game,” Wehr said. “I want to really focus on off-season player evaluations and begin pre-season camp with a better understanding of who my players are and what my team wants to accomplish.” 

The changes that are going to be made in the off-season will surely show on the field next year.