Meagan Hoffman, Editor


The holidays are right around the corner, which means break is even closer. Before relaxing and ripping open those presents, show school spirit by participating in holiday spirit week!

Monday 12/18: Long Winter’s Nap

Get into the holiday spirit by coming to school in the coziest sleepwear you can find (school appropriate, of course). Pajama day is a great way to begin your long winter’s nap, as well as unwinding before the holiday break.

Tuesday 12/19: Winter Wonderland Whiteout

Make the school a blizzard by wearing all white. The whiter the clothing you wear, the more the school will look like a winter wonderland. Use this day to really get into the holiday spirit, as we are all hoping for a white Christmas.

Wednesday 12/20: Santa and his Helpers

Come to school as your favorite holiday character. Dress the part of Santa, an elf, a reindeer, or even a snowman. SGA will also be awarding Clash of Classes points to the class that wears the most costumes, so be sure to get creative!

Thursday 12/21: New Year’s Eve Attire

Black ties and coats, heels on the dance floor, dresses swaying back and forth everywhere. It’s a New Year’s Eve party! Wear your formal attire and dress to impress. Search your closets to find the spiffiest clothing you can, such as a fancy black dress, or those shiny new shoes you’ve been dying to wear.

Friday 12/22: Ugly Sweater Day

We all have one, and now is the time to wear it. Dig up that ugly Christmas sweater your grandma gave you, and show it off to all of your friends at school. Nothing like an old, itchy sweater with a reindeer on it to get everyone in the holiday spirit.