Brooke Goffredo

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STRIKE A POSE! The Bangor cheer team finishes their favorite dance with beaming smiles and irresistible energy as the Slater nation cheers them on.
FIRE IT UP! The cheer squad dances to a Bangor favorite, “fireball,” sending energy and hype throughout their supportive crowd.
SLATER PRIDE! The Bangor cheerleaders assist in the holding of the flag for the touching national anthem, as they are beaming with Slater pride, and anxiously awaiting cheering for the biggest game in rivalry history.
SENIOR SENDOFF! The cheer squad gets the roaring fans off their feet for a classic Bangor callback cheer, sending everyone deeper into the game and their Slater pride.
WELCOMING ROYALTY! Senior and junior members of the cheer squad welcome in the 2019 homecoming court with upmost energy and overwhelming slater pride.