Meagan Hoffman, Editor

Superb senior athlete Allyson Heard will further her athletic and academic skills at Susquehanna University this fall where she will play field hockey and major in strategic communications/journalism.

“I looked at a lot of colleges when I first started the decision process, but Susquehanna was the only school that made me feel at home. The campus is stunning, the field hockey team is more than welcoming, and their academics are phenomenal,” Heard said.

For Heard, a future in journalism has always appealed to her. Now that she has officially declared her major, she is excited to delve into the world of communications.

“I really enjoyed journalism in high school, so I figured it would be really cool to be able to do something like that for the rest of my life. I also love the flexibility of the field,” Heard said.

As a result of her astounding writing skills and commendable commitment, Heard earned the title of editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, The Slater. 

“The most rewarding part of being the editor-in-chief for The Slater is being able to showcase my skill while also giving recognition to standout students, staff, etc.,” Heard said.

Taking her writing skills to an even more advanced level at Susquehanna, Heard is ready to showcase the techniques and abilities she has built over two years of journalism, thanks to the talented Mr. Madden.

“I’m excited to major in communications because I can use aspects I learned from journalism to help me succeed in that field, and I wanted to have the opportunity to travel and meet new people,” Heard said. “Mr. Madden definitely helped me grow as both a writer and person. Even though he would tear my papers to shreds with his red pen, the satisfaction of finishing an article is indescribable. Madden was one of the most influential teachers I’ve ever had, and I will miss journalism dearly.”

When she’s not brewing up an article for The Slater, Heard is hustling on the field hockey field. With six years of experience, Heard was named captain of the Lady Slaters field hockey team this year. She was also recognized as a member of Colonial League First Team, and All Area Honorable Mention.

“I was honored to be one of the captains because I dedicated so much of my time and energy to the Bangor field hockey team. It was such a relief to see that my work was finally being recognized,” Heard said. “Being on the Colonial League First Team was amazing. Just being one of the 11 girls out of the entire Colonial League who have this title is crazy to think about.”

Heard also participates in club team NJ Starz located in Warren Hills, New Jersey. Through this team, Heard was given the opportunity to travel around the country and compete against other field hockey players from all states.

“At the USA Field Hockey Festival in Palm Beach, Florida, my entire team received gold medals. It was really exciting to get first place at the festival with my club because we played against teams from all over the nation, so to come out on top was really fulfilling,” Heard said.

With an undeniable love and passion for the sport, it was only natural for Heard to continue her field hockey career at the collegiate level.

“I am extremely excited to play next year. I’ve already found my roommate and made friends on the team. Unfortunately, I tore my ACL at field hockey practice mid-April and will be missing my freshman season,” Heard said. “On the bright side, the coaches and team are more than understanding and are excited to help me get back to 100%.”

While already facing the challenge of balancing field hockey and school, Heard also occupied her time by working three different jobs at the Bangor Public Library, YMCA Child Watch, and Chocolates on Broadway. Testing her time management skills, Heard is already ahead of the game for college and the real world.

“I think my jobs are pretty fun because they’re all so different. I love being with the elderly patrons at the Bangor Public Library, playing with the little kids at the YMCA, and of course eating the chocolate at Chocolates on Broadway,” Heard said. “I truly believe that having all these different jobs throughout high school has definitely helped me learn how to manage my time better, and how to work well with others.”

With her vast skillset gained as a Slater, Heard is fully ready to revel in being a Riverhawk.